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        1. You're eatingthe occasional huge dinner.


        Inconsistencywhen it comes to evening mealtime can wreak havoc on your sleep. It's okay toeat an early or late dinner so long as you aim for around the same time everynight. As for quantity, sticking with bigger breakfasts and smaller dinners hasbeen shown to stabilize blood sugar, while big meals that include more fatty foods,delicious as they may be, take longer to digest and keep the body awake. Ifyour sleep is suffering, keep dinner on the lighter, healthier side.


        2. You'rechecking your work email. 你在检查你的工作电邮。

        Once you'refinally home from work and preparing to unwind, the last thing you should do isreach for your smartphone to check and see if your boss sent you an urgent,"REPLY ASAP" email. If it's really that urgent, they'll call.Otherwise, take a deep breath and meditate on the fact that any residual workfrom today can, in fact, wait until tomorrow. The evening is time set aside foryou.


        A recent studyfound that even push notifications are just as distracting as actively seekingout your messages, so go ahead and silence your phone, too, so you can focus onyour down time.



        3. You'reordering a few more cocktails.你比以前点了更多杯鸡尾酒。

        That attempt torelax from a stressful day is actually preventing you from sleeping soundlylater. While a cocktail or two may seem to make you feel sleepy and help youdrift off faster, the quality of your sleep suffers and you often wake upfeeling the consequences the following morning. If you're going to indulge,drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume, and close thattab three hours before you plan to call it night.


        4. You're bickeringwith a loved one.你和亲人吵架。

        It's clichébecause it's true! Going to bed angry doesn't offer much in the way of soundsleep, especially if you have Type A tendencies. Overthinkers struggle withletting go of stressful thoughts at all times of the day, but in the evening,that ruminating can keep you mentally alert when your body is physicallysending you "time for bed" signals. It's often best to address thethings that are irritating you and then work together with the other person tolet them go. It'll make your personal relationships stronger and your morningmood sweeter.


        5. You'restarting a new Netflix binge.你开始在网上看视频。

        STOP RIGHTTHERE. You've experienced this deep, dark rabbit hole one too many times beforeand know very well what is about to happen. It doesn't matter if you're"catching up" on the latest seasons of one of your favorite series orif you're simply bored and looking to explore a new one. You get hooked, and 30minutes becomes three hours before you even blink. All that screen time isscientifically proven to affect your body's production of melatonin, thehormone responsible for your sleepy feeling. The sooner you shut down devices,the sooner you'll drift off into dreamland.



        6. You'reindulging in that after-dinner cappuccino. 你在晚餐后放纵地喝着卡布奇诺。

        Of course ittastes wonderful, but this caffeinated beverage from heaven is best enjoyedearlier in the day -- before 2 p.m. if possible. While the human body doesn'tmetabolize caffeine in one, uniform way, most available research confirms thatif you call it quits with the stimulant by mid-afternoon, it shouldn't affectthe quality of your sleep later that evening. Caffeine is another compound thatcounters the body's natural production of melatonin, so if you're looking toincrease your Z's, stick to water or herbal tea in the evening. 



        7. You'rechecking out the best Instagram posts of the day.你在查看当天Instagram 上最好的帖子。

        No matter howgood you may think it feels to surf your social media news feeds at the end ofa long day, science says that browsing on that smartphone is interfering withyour sleep. Teens are particularly susceptible to this effect, because theyoften turn to their phones to help them drift off when they aren't quite sleepyyet. But a recent study revealed that kids who specifically make a point tounplug before bedtime experience real benefits in the quality and quantity oftheir sleep, too.



        8. You'rejumping into the next amazing novel on your bookshelf.你投入了书架上的下一本精彩的小说。

        Congratulationson your screen-free choice! But honestly, if you tend to gravitate tothrillers, emotional novels, or more intellectual topics in the nonfictiongenre, you'll be stimulating your mind more than relaxing it. Unfortunately,researchers found that such mental demands can lead to poor sleep, so it's bestto stick to lighter reading like an entertainment magazine or something alittle on the dull side to lull you off to sleep.



        9. You're takingyour multivitamin.你在服用多种维生素。

        There's nothingwrong with making sure your body is receiving adequate nutrients, but a heftydose of B vitamins within your multivitamin in the evening can create anunintentional energizing effect that counteracts the natural sleep cycle. Ifyou're someone who struggles with sleep apnea, try to take any medication witha flexible time prescription in the morning as opposed to the evening to avoidthis frustrating interaction. When taken on an empty stomach, multivitamins cansometimes cause discomfort and even nausea, so consider taking yours withbreakfast as a preventative measure.


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